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Services Offered
  • Book keeping
  • Revenue & Recovery
  • Statements & Reports

Book keeping

HRITZ ASIA Consultants Book-Keeping and Accounting Services

Bookkeeping and Accounting services are extremely important for every scale of business across all industry verticals. HRITZ Asia a dedicatedFinancial Accounting Servicesprovider, offers accurateBookkeeping Accounting Servicesthat are highly secure and confidential. Accounting Outsourcing to Hritz ensures that clients are able to avail exclusive services from a pool of qualified, experienced chartered accountants and university graduates in commerce and business administration in the most economical manner within specific timeline.

Hritz Asia bookkeeping services provides full spectrum of book keeping services using bookkeeping financial accounting software such as QuickBooks, Peachtree, MS-Small Business Accounting, Tally and SAGE or spreadsheets. Our team regularly interacts with clients in order to take care of their entire back end bookkeeping business, giving them more time to focus on their core business processes. We have adopted a personalized approach to serve our customers and ensure that all the financial data relating to business operations are dealt with in an orderly manner covering procedural aspects of business.

Book-keeping services:

  • Accounts Receivable
  • Accounts Payable
  • Banking Activities
  • Income Statement
  • Balance Sheet
  • Chart of Accounts
  • Nominal Ledgers
  • Daily Transactions
  • Maintaining a Clean General Ledger
  • Financial Reporting


Accounting services:

  • Accounting Setup
  • Cash Flow/Budgeting
  • Financial Statements & Reports
  • Preparing closing entries
  • Monthly, Quarterly, Year-End Review
  • Books Cleanup
  • Financial Analysis
  • Comparison with prior, budgets and industry information
  • Management Reporting
  • Variance Analysis & Recommendations

HRITZ Asia Bookkeeping & Accounting Services Advantages

  • Get accuracy in evaluation of financial consequences that is essential for every business.
  • Avail the expert services of dedicated professionals specialized in accounting and business administration.
  • Achieve confidentiality and secure services without any expenditure on elaborate infrastructure.
  • Get assured cost reduction of minimum 30% (up to 50%).
  • Ensure stringent quality cycles by our Quality Assurance team.
  • Assured minimum turnaround with high-quality output.
  • Ensure financial accounting services by professionals with in-depth knowledge of US GAAP.

Revenue Management & Recovery

HRITZ Asia Revenue Management Services

Outsourcing Revenue Management Processing to Hritz Asia helps you facilitate cost reduction, also gives you access to professional financial administration and revenue generation expertise and eliminating administrative salaries and benefits to maintain staff and can bring about an enormous reduction in your operational costs.We help you to manage an inventory in-line that provides details of your customers’ commercial strategy that facilitates in revenue-building.

HRITZ Asia proactively identifies the issues which can result in payment delays, viz. inaccurate billing or missing documents which helps you resolveing the issues blocking payments, thereby easing the recovery process. Our apt recovery procedures include issuing e- mail to the defaulting customers and communicate with them over the phone to resolve the issues/disputes. Optimize and enhance cash inflow through our revenue management services which ensures exponential growth to your business. Hritz Asia's experienced team assures you extremely reliable recovery management services that help you to keep track of all your receivables and their subsequent successful closures, thereby avoiding blocked revenues.

Hritz Revenue Management Services Advantages

  • Gives you an EDGE over your contemporaries when availing our expert services.
  • Efficient Recovery Management Services help reduce your administrative costs & save up the time and effort.
  • Facilitate faster and client-friendly recovery.
  • Increase your ROI by accelerating the recovery process by up to 95% within 30 days.
  • Provide fully Integrated Revenue Management Service with our state-of-the-art technology.

HRITZ Financial Statements & Reports Services

Hritz Asia financial management services provider understands the need for precise financial statements of the closing journal entries, adjustments in trial balance offsets and thereby resulting in clear-cut financial statement preparation. Hritz provide competent Financial Statement & Report Services comprising of monthly or periodic financial statements as per the clients requirements, also provide authoritative consultation on improvement of cash flow and income statement based on financial statement analysis as well as financial reports analysis.

Expert Income Statements preparation, balance sheet preparation and balance sheet substantiation along with calculation of fixed asset and depreciation enable you to get a clear understanding of business standings like fixed assets of your organization on a particular date, profit or loss incurred over a specified period, etc. through efficient financial reporting services.
  • AR Aging Reports
  • AP Aging Reports
  • Financial Statements
  • Income Statements
  • Cash flow statement
  • General Ledger Reports
  • Bank Reconciliations Reports
  • Inventory Reports
  • Payroll Reports
  • Balance Sheet Financial Reporting
HRITZ ASIA Consultants Financial Statements & Reports Services

HRITZ Asia Financial Statement & Report Services Advantages

  • Adept financial reporting services by HRITZ Asia help you maintaining financial statements in order with periodic updates and adjustments.
  • Hritz expertise in clean financial statements reports generation helps you make informed business investments.
  • Hritx Asia offer you quality financial statements analysis at competitive prices managed effectively by our experienced accounting personnels.

Finance & Accounting Services

An experienced Financial BPO like HRITZ Asia can add value to your business by being your trusted partner and virtual accounting department. Our experience in providing extensive accountanting services following the latest standards and practices has enabled Hritz to offer solutions with cost-effective and quality services. Our professional financial executives offer you crucial decisions to support the fiscal aspect of your business through research and strategic planning by considering the financial performance and its effects on the organization as a whole. By outsourcing your financial services to us, you can focus on the significant facets of your business like strategic planning for growth and become the spearhead in your core area.

HRITZ Asia Offers - Professional Comprehensive Accounting Services

  • Accounts Payable services
  • Accounts Receivable services
  • General Ledger services
  • Auto Loan Processing
  • Mortgage Loan Processing
  • Insurance Claims Processing
  • Commercial underwriting
  • Closing Accounts and Generating Trial Balance
  • Financial Planning for corporate and Individuals
  • Fixed Asset Accounting
  • Reconciliation services
  • Payroll Processing services
  • Tax Processing services
  • Bookkeeping and General Accounting
  • Financial Reports and MIS
  • Revenue Management and Recovery
  • Budgeting

HRITZ Asia Advantages - Outsourcing Financial Services

  • Financial outsourcing to Hritz enables you to avail the support of highly qualified and trained financial executives specialized in their domain of expertise.
  • Accounting Principles (GAAP) are strictly adhered in order to utilize information for businesses management to evaluate the performance of the company through planning and decision making.
  • Outsourcing to Hritz Asia offers you cost reduction of at least 30% (up to 50%).
  • Retention of employees at Hritz Asia ensures high experienced workforce for Providing exceptional financial service.
  • Minimizing the risks and saving costs facilitating profit improvement for our clients.
  • when it comes to handling sensitive financial information belonging to our clients Data security and confidentiality is strongly imbued at Hritz.
  • Continuous improvement and dedication of our team of specialists gives our clients accounting services that follow procedures and state-of-the-art technology.
  • Partnering with Hritz Asia results in improved financial operations along increased efficiency, flexibility, and transparency of operations.
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