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Hritz Asia Medical Claims Processing

HRITZ Asia is the place to stop your search because we offer Medical Claims Processing services with our highly skilled team who have perfected in the minutest details and aspects of the healthcare claim processing services.

Hritz have a standard processes that are divided into medical billing and medical coding which are combined to produce comprehensive medical claims processing services with demographic entry of patient records, assign standard ICD-9 and ICD-10 codes to the different diagnostic procedures and prepare the EOB document (Explanation of Benefits).

Our professional team offers strategic Healthcare Outsourcing Solutions keeping a tab on regulatory changes and existing healthcare mandates particular to our client’s geographic location. Detailed in-depth knowledge of the HIPAA Privacy Rule gives us the benefit of offering quality Medical Claims Processing, Healthcare Coding and Billing Services. Experience in delivering quality solutions transforming Healthcare Finance Administration for global clients and allows clients to focus on their customers, thereby increasing operational efficiency considerably.

Hritz Asia Health Insurance Claim Processing Service Advantages

  • Highly skilled and experienced team.
  • Provides end-to-end solutions and optimizing error-free healthcare.
  • Stringent Quality Assurance checks at every stage of processes.
  • Medical Claims Processing is based on thorough validation and Quality Assurance.
  • Claims are processed quickly and efficiently for faster reimbursement.
  • Our services are fully ICD-9/10 code compliant with due consideration to HIPAA guidelines.
  • We assure at least 55% reduction in costs to all our clients with more than 99.95% of accuracy level.
  • We make sure that accuracy levels are maximum to avoid any possible delay in payment.

Hritz Asia Medical Billing Services

Hospitals and Healthcare Organizations have a lot of processes to manage which is why they should always outsource the backend tasks to perform better in their core business. Medical Billing Services and Physician Billing Services are vital to any such organization and they should outsource this to Hritz Asia and maximize their revenues. Hritz Asia has been serving numerous clients with its adept healthcare billing services with its deep domain expertise to process the whole billing cycle where we act as mediators between the insurance companies and the hospitals or health care providers. We have experienced skilled people who execute the whole billing process that forms the heart of our medical billing services.

Hritz Asia Consultants performs the billing functions with utmost accuracy and quality. Hritz's process start with electronic submission of all the demographic sheets onto the systems so as to digitize the whole data followed by insurance verification and authorization and finally validate the accounts receivable part to complete the billing process.

Hrtitz Asia Medical Billing Services Advantages

  • 10+ years of experience in handling projects like these.
  • Hritz Asia understand the HIPAA challenges and assure compliance with those standards.
  • Hritz assures at least 40% reduction in costs to all our clients.
  • Our Team makes sure that accuracy levels are maximum to avoid any possible delay in payments.

Hritz Asia Medical Coding Services

Hritz Asia Consultants Medical Coding Services assures you the best quality of service with minimum turnaround time and highest cost efficiency. Hritz Medical Coding Services can be availed in conjunction with related medical billing services for a complete medical claims processing outcome. Hritz Asia execute the processes with perfection and accuracy so that there is no error or discrepancy in processing and payments on time. Our team has skilled medical coding professionals who have a very deep and thorough understanding of ICD-9/10 Codes (International Classification of Diseases) which are considered global standards for all medical coding services.

Hritz Asia Medical Coding Services Advantages

  • We have been handling projects like these for more than a decade now.
  • Our services are fully ICD-9/10 code compliant with specially trained professionals.
  • Hritz assure at least 40% cost reductions to our clients.
  • Accuracy levels are maximum to avoid any possible delay in payment.

Hritz Asia Medical Transcription Services

Hritz Asia Consultants is a Mmedical Transcription Service Provider with over a decade of experience with sufficient technology, infrastructure and expertise to convert any kind of multimedia files, whether just audio or audio-visual, to proper text documents generated in convenient formats that are easy to read, store, transfer and retrieve. Hritz assures error-free conversion where no part of the audio/video is missed or overlooked and due care is taken to avoid in misinterpretations. Hritz Asia are capable of doing transcription for History and Physical Reports, Surgery Notes, SOAP Notes, Progress Notes, Emergency Room Reports, Medical Records Summary, Discharge Summary, Clinical Summary, Pediatric/Geriatric Reports, Operative Reports, Rehabilitation Reports, Teleconferences and Patient Charts etc. with utmost accuracy and stringent TAT.

Hritz Asia Medical Transcription Service Advantages

  • Providing Medical Transcription for more than 10 years now and have acquired expertise and skill.
  • Our employees have relevant backgrounds understanding the Medical Terminologies and Procedures so that there are no errors at all.
  • Hritz Asia have the capability to read any kind of audio/video format and generate the text document in any format the client want.
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